#GiveProgress is the 'Amazon of Giving'

Shopping for a cause just became as easy as shopping for gifts this holiday season.

#GiveProgress is a new website that helps users create a “wish list” of worthy progressive organizations their friends and family can donate to, rather than buying a holiday gift.

Led by Griffin Johnston, a Brooklyn-based web designer... 

#GiveProgress is the result of a small group of friends trying to sort out how to be most useful following the results of the presidential election. 

“I needed to work out of the malaise after the election." 

“When the relentless, pre-holiday commercialism started to rev up," Johnston says, "it got me thinking about all the money being spent on mostly useless stuff, and how even a fraction of that money could make a huge difference in the world. This project was the obvious next step.”

The website allows users to build their progressive wish lists by selecting organizations from nine areas likely to be negatively affected by a Donald Trump presidency: Civil Liberties, Environment, Human Rights, Income Inequality, LGBT+ Advocacy, Media, Political Reform, Racial Justice, and Reproductive and Women’s Rights.

#GiveProgress has been gaining significant traction since it’s launch in November. With the holiday shopping season in full effect, it’s no wonder people are falling in love with it, and even referring to it as the Amazon for giving.

We’ve seen Trump’s election galvanize funding for a number of progressive causes.


Planned Parenthood has famously received 20,000+ donations in Mike Pence’s name. More than $300,000 was raised for Water Protectors at Standing Rock to purchase much needed vehicles for transporting people and resources. And the #CantTrumpUs campaign was launched as an easy way for people to stand with and support the groups insulted by Trump.

After a historically difficult year, these are initiatives well worth celebrating and supporting.


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Kyle Crawford is CEO & Founder of Fundraising Genius. Email.